Once again the Battle of Coniston Cold was a hard fought contest between two very equal sides with Lancashire winning again with a score of 247 to Yorkshires 241.More Masons supported from Yorkshire but the Lancashire squad shot better on the day to retain the trophy. This event again proved popular with 49 guns supporting us. Coniston Hall were extremely helpful and put on great targets for everyone to enjoy. And the weather was kind with the expected rain holding off.New faces shot well enough to get into the Lancashire team but non could equal Jason Rhodes who won back his high gun trophy from Even Walsh who really had a bad day at the office.

Congratulations to Jason Rhodes (45), Karl Prince (43), Andy McClement (41), Dave Smith (40), Ian Turner ((40) and John Bruffell (38) the top six from Lancashire and well done to Anthony Thomas (44), Nigel Hirst (44), Richard Loukota(41), Russel Gee (38), David Marlow (37) and Ben Cole (37) the top six from Yorkshire. It was nice to see a new trophy winner for Yorkshire – but only by countback. Thanks go to Peter Manley and his team at Coniston Hall: Dawn, Joyce and June for running the office and well done those who thanked them on the day – it was appreciated.