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‘B’ Team does well

As most of the ‘top guns’ were unable to attend the Interprovincial shoot, hosted by North Yorkshire, Lancashire was represented by the ‘old‘ stalwarts – but still managed to come second to the hosts who were the winners.The shoot was held at the Jolly Sailor Inn near Guiseborough, North Yorkshire. The landlord opened up to serve bacon butties at 9.30 and the shoot got underway at 10.00.

The ground is an old layby off the A171 and the 5 stands provided some very testing targets for the 64 shooters taking part. Lancashire had 12 people shooting.
Richard Dennison (Pictured) was our high gun with 30 and he took home the ‘Les Jennings Hoole Trophy’. He was closely followed with 29 by Jim Wynn and Graham Brereton who share the ‘Donna Heyes Memorial Trust Trophy’. Our final Trophy the ‘Graham Brereton Trophy’ for novices was won by Chris Bruffell with 21. The top score from West Lancashire was one of our guests Mervyn Moylan with 33 only 1 behind the top scores for the day.

After the shoot an excellent lunch was served in the Jolly Sailor with the prize giving straight after.
The Watson Eden Trophy was won by the Province of North & East Yorkshire with 169 and was present to their team by their own Assistant Provincial Grand Master W Bro Malcolm Dabbs who presented all the trophies. West Lancashire came second on 163 and Cumberland & Westmorland third on 159. In last place West Yorkshire with 124.

It was pleasing that we were joined by members from the Province of Durham We hope that they continue to join in with us at future events


North of England All Round Championships

It was a grand sunny day for the first North of England All Round championships at Coniston Hall Shooting Ground on 6th September. 22 people from the Provinces of North & East Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and West Lancashire tried their skill at 25 Skeet, 25 Down the Line and 25 Compak/ Sport trap. 6 Others were taken on the training traps behind the clubhouse.
Most coped well with the Skeet and DTL but the Sporting layout really tested their skill over some long targets.
In the end it was an easy win for Jason Rhodes who really did not have any competition. He took the title with 60. Fred Smith from North & East Yorkshire came next with 55 followed by Mick Buck of West Yorkshire with 52. The best guest was Mervyn Moylan with 58.
This was a great start to a new completion. Well done to the winners and thanks to all who took part
We took the opportunity to hold the Lancashire Skeet Championship in conjunction with this shoot. Jason with 24 was the winner 2nd place was shared by John Wright & David Smith on 22 with Lee Jackson 4th on 18.


Visit to Lyalvale Express 17th August 2015

Following a last minute email from Lawrence Alston I was able to visit the Lyalvale shotgun cartridge factory near Lichfield in Staffordshire.
I was accompanied by John Wright a fellow shooter from Blackpool.
The journey down was very straight forward until we used satnav for the last few miles of our journey, Lawrence had sent the postcode for the factory in an email and managed to get the last 2 letters of the postcode back to front. This put us in the middle of a housing estate 5 miles from where we should have been. As we were early for our appointment we managed to find the factory on time.
The factory is in a semi – rural location which considering the risks involved in manufacturing cartridges I imagine that’s a good idea.
First sight of the factory was a surprise as I expected quite a big place which in effect actually was quite a modest size set of buildings.
We were met by the Sales Manager Marcus Iddon who hails originally from Tarleton.
The factory employs 25 people.

Component Stores

The start point of the process was the upstairs warehouse which stores and feeds the cartridge assembly area on the ground floor.
Marcus showed us the various components that are used pointing out the high standard of quality of the raw materials that are imported from European suppliers.
Each cartridge machine has its own hoppers in to which the components are fed down.

Main Factory

The business end of the operation is a very noisy fast paced environment where the cartridges are produced on very modern machines. Each machine is dedicated to a cartridge size.
The machines are fascinating to watch as they do many operations in an automatic cycle which ends up with a box of cartridges being produced.
They’ re boxed and labelled in in 250 batches and palletised.

Powder Delivery

Powder is fed to the factory from a series of hoppers which are set on the outside of the building which are designed to minimise blast damage in case of an explosion. The guy who charges the hoppers has to wear special overalls to minimise static.

Shot Storage

The shot is stored in 1 ton bags and is imported from Turkey.
Marcus said that the biggest expense of the cartridge is the shot as the global lead price keeps climbing.

Quality and Proof testing Lab

There is a rigorous quality and testing programme which seems to keep the reliability of the product to an amazingly high standard.

Despatch Warehouse

The final piece of the jigsaw is the despatch department which on daily basis send out on average 90,000 cartridges each day.

Having been a shotgun shooter for over 30 years I was amazed to learn so much about cartridges from Marcus who managed to dispel a lot of myths which I believed to be true.
The quality and simplicity of the Lyalvale factory left a lasting impression on me and I urge any members who can to go and see for yourself.
And of course I will be using the cartridges that have been recommended to me by Marcus.

Ian Turner


Suffolk Charity Shoot 20th June 2015

5 members of the WLMCPSS went to High Lodge for the Suffolk Annual Charity Shoot. Over 100 shooters took part at this event which was shot over 50 sporting targets with the average score on 2 flushes as part of the competition

Graham Brereton, Jason Rhodes and Mike Casey travelled down from Lancashire – Jason and wife Karen arrived at 2.00 a.m.and stayed with Graham’s son Shane and Granddaughter Charlotte


Administration on this occasion left a lot to be desired. We had to book in by 8.30 but shooting did not start until 10.30 one hour late.
Graham and Mike feeling the onset of old age booked a golf trolley to drive round the course. After taking much stick about this they had difficulty putting guns back on as all the rest had loaded it with their bags and guns.

The 50 bird sporting shoot was up to High Lodge standards with a very interesting layout. We all shot well but some fell afoul of the high driven targets.

A change to the usual format the flush was used as one stand with the squads shooting it twice. Some good shooting on the first attempt put us in second place for this part of event. Our score of 21 was 2 behind the winning team.

The full results were
Graham Brereton 37, Jason Rhodes 36, Shane Brereton 34, Mike Casey 33 and Charlotte Brereton 30. This score was good enough to win her the ladies prize. Well done there were a lot of ladies competing


Provincial shoot May 2015

Another cold day at Crabtree farm for the Provincial Shoot gave us the worst turn out for years. I don’t think that it was held in the north of our Province or on a Saturday helped. Those who did join us were treated to a feast of targets put on at Crabtree Farm with some new stands to get used to. Some very good shootings was on display the best from a guest of Mike Casey, Mervyn Moylan, who only dropped 1 target to finish on 49.

Jason Rhodes beat Wayne Parington by 1 to take the Masonic Title with 46. Graham Brereton beat Howard Whittaker to take the Veterans Trophy whilst Georgia Wynne took the Novice. Two more ladies, Chris Ridgeway and Gemma Smith fought it out for the top Lady with Gemma just taking it.

It is good to have these 3 Ladies shooting and their scores being so close. With such good scores we have high hopes for the Nationals on 1st August and with 3 Ladies we can enter teams in all classes, Masonic, ladies, veteran and guests. We could even win one for a change, we live in hope.

The final scores were

Provincial Shoot 2015

Thanks to Joyce Brereton for taking the entries and selling Raffle Tickets and the Staff at Crabtree for their invaluable help.


Yorkshire wins War of the Roses?

They didn’t 500 years ago but they did in 2015.

The modern war of the Roses was fought between the Masonic Provinces of Yorkshire West and North & East Ridings and the Provinces of East & West Lancashire at Coniston Hall Shooting Ground near Skipton. 43 shooters braved the pouring rain and wind to compete in a new competition, the ‘War of the Roses’ held over 50 sporting targets.

The layouts were interesting and Peter & his boys at Coniston put on some good targets to test even the best. Lancashire were well in front until the last 6 people brought in scores and that made all the difference to the result with Yorkshire winning by 6 (Yes only 6) clays out of 300.The High gun for Yorkshire was not surprisingly Nigel Hurst and for Lancashire Evan Walsh who has regained his form to top the Lancashire list.


All who took part thoroughly enjoyed the shoot and the lunch at the Anchor Inn which followed.
Thanks go to Peter and his staff at Coniston Hall Shooting Ground, to Joyce, Chris, Sue, Eunice and June for looking after the paperwork and raffle which raised £130 for Charity.


Visit to Royal Armoury Leeds

Approx. 15 members enthusiastically made their way to the Armoury from various locations arriving at 11-0 am. Owing to staff changes our booking had not been noted and the party was not expected! However following some ‘Greek Finance Minister style negotiations’ by Mike Casey an Irish colleen was found to give us a conducted tour and explanation about mainly English arms! She was in fact very good and gave us a ‘whistle stop’ tour through the centuries starting with Henry VIII, Civil War, First World War and up to the present day.

Bogardus Trap – to throw Glass Balls

The quality of some of the exhibits was outstanding. We were then allowed to wander freely and most gravitated to the Hunting section which had some wonderful shotguns on show. Particularly interesting were the exhibits showing the development of English guns where the working parts and mechanisms could be seen.
The original booking was for us to have a hands on period in the basement where items not on public display could be touched and examined. This could now form a not to be missed part of a further visit in the future.
What a good day!
Peter Sayle

Glass Ball – fore runner of the clay target

As Peter has indicated 15 of our members attended the Armoury, and after a disappointed reception to our rearranged visit due to last weeks half term, we eventually were able to find someone who was able to very eloquently assisted us in a guided tour of the Armoury. After lunch we continued independently around the museum taking photo’s for posterity. All those who attended expressed their disappointment in not being able to engage in the handling session but even without that we still had a worthwhile and enjoyable visit, with all confirming they would all come back when the handling session could be rebooked next year.
Lawrence Alston

Original Clay Pigeons


Shoot report Inter Group Shoot on 18th January 2015

Held at Wyreside Shooting Ground St Michaels

The inter Group shoot at Wyreside Shooting Ground was well attended with 53 masonic shooters and guests entering on an extremely cold day. The shoot put on by Tom Rowlandson had good targets some quite testing, all taking part reported that they enjoyed the shoot and where looking forward to the next one.

North Fylde shooters with Duncan Smith scoring

Six groups were represented on the day. North Fylde brought their Group Chairman W Bro Duncan Smith to act as official scorer. W Bro Harry Cox the Assistant PGM for North Fylde & Blackpool also came along to support his teams while W Bro Phil Gunning Deputy PGM Designate and a Honorary Vice President of the Society also came to support the event.
The event attracted some shooters who were not members of the West Lancashire Clay Pigeon Shooting Society and hopefully they will join us on future occasionsSome of the Liverpool Group who took part

Thanks to all who attended. Hope you all thawed out quickly. The shoot generated £461:00 for charity, a magnificent amount for a small event.

1st North Fylde 100 ex 150.
2nd Blackpool 94 ex 150.
3rd South Fylde, 92 ex 150..

Many thanks to all the staff at Wyreside Shooting Ground for putting on the event. Special thanks to the Sue Alston, June Casey & Jo Brown for taking the entries, collating the scores, selling the raffle tickets, (You must have been freezing!) and of course the people who selflessly donated the raffle prizes as well as all those who turned up to support the event.

Ian Heyes Shoot Captain presents the trophy to 2 of the North Fylde Team

If any of our readers missed the event and would like to try their hand a clay shooting please contact our secretary Lawrence Alston who can arrange it for you. His Email is